Evaluating A Theory Of Human Sexuality

It is hard not to let one’s personal views come in the way of objectively accessing someone else’s ideas on a controversial topic, much more so when the reader himself/herself becomes the subject being written about. Such is the case when confronted with the provocative hypotheses in True Nature – A Theory Of Human Sexual Evolution. The subject of sexual orientation is admittedly a polarizing one, each of us having our own personal favourite scientific or unscientific explanations, often supported by our own life experiences.

Yet, in fairness to the writer one must dispel all prior notions and open one’s mind to the author’s point of view. The validity and explanatory power of the paper must be assessed only after reading it carefully and understanding the paper fully. A useful exercise is to try to summarize the paper in an appropriately detailed fashion, fleshing out the key points and their supporting arguments. Doing so will give you the author’s reference frame, momentarily allowing you to suspend disbelief and umbrage, and will then hopefully enable you to challenge the paper more objectively.

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