Do human beings possess a sexual instinct?

A sexual instinct exists in animals to ensure that they reproduce and thus perpetuate the species. It is an observed fact that animals in natural settings are INCAPABLE of resisting the urge to reproduce when sexual pheromones trigger their sexual instinct into action. They are in this sense slaves to their sexual instinct, and this is what faithfully keeps their species going.

The question of whether humans possess a sexual instinct is easily answered by noting that human beings as a species are uniquely capable of choosing not to reproduce. This is an amazing fact and is proof that we do not possess a sexual instinct like that seen in all other animals. As I will show in future blogs there are reasons why this control over our reproductive abilites exists, and why we continue to reproduce despite not being compelled to do so by any internal, genetically programmed drive.

There is further dramatic proof that human beings lack a sexual instinct – the capability within out species for exclusively homosexual individuals to exist, and the supreme lack of it in all other species. It is true that homosexual activity has been routinely observed in over 450 species of animals (and counting), but there have been no exclusively homosexual animals ever observed in natural settings. Any animal that has been observed to engage in homosexual activity has – as a rule – also been observed to mate with an individual of the opposite sex when its sexual instinct was called into action.

So humans are the only species where exclusively homosexual subgroups can exist – where individuals can be truly homosexual. This is indirect proof that the sexual pheromones which trigger a heterosexual mating response in all other species of animals must clearly not exist in human beings. The grand conclusion here is that we humans have risen above animal sexuality, having lost our sexual instinct sometime in the course of human evolution. We thus as a species don’t have an instinct to reproduce, or to engage in heterosexual intercourse, and have the ultimate reproductive freedom.

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  1. Late comment.

    Humans definitely have a sexual instict.

    The definition of the word “Instinct”: “Instinct is generally understood as the innate part of behavior that emerges without any training or education in humans.”

    I bet that if you put two a girl and a boy who are sexually mature and who doesn’t have any education or training and put them in a room together, they would most likely figure out sex.

    The occurance of exclusive non-hetero suxuality is not due to loss of sexual instict but rather a result of the social development of human behaviour. Although that assumes that sexuality is a result of environment and not genetics, and there are differencing opinions about that.

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