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The Hidden Homophobia War That Stems From Same-Sex Dreams

Same-sex dreams (homoerotic dreams) and childhood homosexual encounters are almost universally experienced. In the homophobic environment that still persists, it causes many to question their sexuality. A significant number of homophobes afflicted by such experiences battle each other psychologically, by first recognizing, and then shunning each other. It leads to a huge hidden homophobia war.

Misconception Of What An Instinct Is

Do human beings possess a sexual instinct? When one acquaints oneself with the definition of an instinct, it is clear that sex is not an instinctive response in human beings.

Homosexuality And Human Evolution – Why Homosexuality Is Natural

Homosexuailty has shaddowed mankind from the very beginning. We tend to think that heterosexuality is natural (because of the inherent biological compatibility between the sexes), and that homosexuality is unnatural because it lacks a function in evolutionary terms. However, a historical examination of human sexuality, as well as an understanding of the interplay between instinct and intelligence lead to a conclusion that humans lost their sexual instinct in the course of evolution. Human sexuality is therefore 100% a function of individual experience. Childhood sexual exploration behaviors in the absence of any societal, familial, or cultural influences predispose a homosexual orientation development.

Evaluating A Theory Of Human Sexuality

It is hard not to let one’s personal views come in the way of objectively accessing someone else’s ideas on a controversial topic, much more so when the reader himself/herself becomes the subject being written about. Such is the case when confronted with the provocative hypotheses in True Nature – A Theory Of Human Sexual […]

Homosexuality – nature versus nurture

Is homosexuality caused by nature, or nurture, or a combination of both? I will show by rational arguments that homosexuality can only be a function of nurture (more specifically, individual experience), and not nature, nor a combination of nature and nurture. Let us first consider the possibility that homosexuality is caused by nature, or genes, […]

Can animals be gay? Animal ‘homosexuality’ versus human homosexuality.

Can animals be gay? No! Homosexual behavior has been routinely observed in many animal species, but exclusively homosexual individuals have not been encountered in natural settings. Only human beings can be exclusively homosexual. We are unique in all of nature in this respect.