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Francis Crick and Christof Koch’s NCC model – Similar to My Consciousness Model Published 3 Years Earlier!

Francis Crick, the renown molecular biologist and biophysicist is best known for having discovered the structure of DNA, a crowning achievement for which he and James Watson were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize. Less well known, is that after 1979 he concentrated his efforts on solving something equally enigmatic and important: understanding consciousness. It was […]

Fetal Nasal Plug Caused Loss of Human Sexual Instinct 200,000 Years Ago

A nasal plug mutation during fetal development was the key mutation that allowed humans to lose their sexual instinct.

Evaluating A Theory Of Human Sexuality

It is hard not to let one’s personal views come in the way of objectively accessing someone else’s ideas on a controversial topic, much more so when the reader himself/herself becomes the subject being written about. Such is the case when confronted with the provocative hypotheses in True Nature – A Theory Of Human Sexual […]

Theories for Hairlessness in Humans: Sexual Selection, Savannah / Thermoregulatory Hypothesis, Aquatic Ape Theory, Ectoparasites

Like bipedalism, relative hairlessness is one the defining and conspicuous characteristics of human beings. Explanations for why hairlessness arose are numerous, and include sexual selection (which Darwin favoured), the Savannah/Thermoregulatory Hypothesis, the Aquatic Ape Theory (AAT / AAH), as well as ectoparasites. Of these, only sexual selection offers true insight into why the loss of […]

Do human beings possess a sexual instinct?

Humans lost their sexual instinct in the course of evolution due to increases in intelligence.